Sample Monthly Owner Report
As an owner you should know where your property stands. That's why we have created simple statements showing your monthly budget, expenses, income and all other crucial parts of your property finances.

24/7 Online Access
We make your financial life a little easier by using the web-based accounting and bookkeeping tools to manage your property's day to day operations.

Cover Letter
This is your main overview of the past month. We interpret and summarize all critical property details in a letter format for your review. All supporting documentation is also included.

    Rental Income:
    This is the total of all collecting income from your property. It may include late fees, uncollected rent and other income such as laundry etc. The amount in collected is indicated next to the total in parentheses, in the case that not all was collected.

    This shows the total occupied units on your property. This does not include any units that are reserved, only units that are currently occupied.

    Security Deposits Received:
    If we have received any security deposits for the month, they total will show here. In addition, we show all security deposits held on your property as well.

    Owner Disbursement:
    This is the amount you will be paid out of the monthly proceeds. If we anticipate low income, or high expenses your distribution may be more or less depending.

    Cash Balance:
    After your disbursement, this is the amount left in your account at the moment this report is created. This is still your money. Don't forget however, this may also include security deposits, which will need to be refunded upon move out. It is generally our policy to hold all deposits, not disburse then as they are liabilities which will need to be paid in the future.
Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
You get a profit and loss statment monthly, which shows the most recent month's income and expenses, in addition to the year to date income and expenses.

    Total Income:
    This is the amount that our management fees are based on for the month, excluding security deposits.

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