Leasing Update
Please check back on 2/1/2019 with any questions on renewing your lease. We are not processing renewals currently.

Viewing Invoices in the Portal

All invoices are available in real time to view in the portal.

When you are on the owner portal, make sure you are accural basis. This will let you see the invoices. For some reason the software doesn't pull up all the invoices when in cash basis. To switch to accural, click the radio button at the top, and then hit search. It will load a new page with all the search results.
  1. Login to your owner portal
  2. Click on the plus icon next to your property address to expland the financials
  3. Click on the figure you'd like to see an invoices for
  4. Click on the paperclip icon. If no icon present switch to accural basis (see note above)