How We Make You More Money

Our owners are surprised that many times by hiring us they actually making more money! How does this happen? After all, we charge a fee for our service. Well it's simple, our benefits outweigh our cost. See how:
  • We command top dollar from our advertising and marketing
  • We screen tenants and get high quality, long term tenants to reduce turn over
  • We have negotiated discounted rates on maintenance, yard, pool and other property services
  • We tightly schedule turn overs to minimize your vacancy, and ALWAYS pre-lease a property so a lease is signed months before tenants move out
  • Tenants like us! So they are willing to pay more, stay longer and take better care of your property
  • We are investors also. We know how to be prudent and maximize your income
  • And....We relieve your property headaches, saving you money on aspirin, therapy, massage and marital counseling...
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