Chico Property Management Services
Owning a rental property in Chico is a business. Let us know show you the tremendous advantage good property management can be. We provide all the services required to give you peace of mind. Management is our business, so it doesn't have to be yours!

Our property management service is a complete service with attention to detail & professional commitment. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our tenants and owners. Because of this, our tenants work with us to ensure your rent is paid and your property is maintained.

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What is Our Property Management Service?
We do a lot, but here are some of our core duties. And of course, they are all included at no extra charge unless noted otherwise!

Marketing & Tenant Evaluation
  • Advertising and Property Marketing (Online)
  • Screening Tenants, Credit Checks and Background Research
  • Showing and Leasing of Vacant Units
  • Initial Property Visit and Rent Ready Evaulation
  • Take Digital Photographs to upload on numerous websites
  • Professional Recommendations for Improvements (to maximize rental rate)
  • Schedule Appointments to Tour Property with Potential Applicants

Accounting & Reports
  • Create Monthly Property Budget
  • Set Up and Maintain Checking Accounts and Payment of any Property Bills
  • Retain Savings and Security Deposits Accounts
  • Collect and Hold Security Deposits & Pet Deposits
  • Online Archive of owner and property statements
  • Processing Rent and Distribute Owner Funds (electronically)
  • Online Owner Portal with Access to Invoices, Payments and Numerous Reports (24/7 Online Access)
  • Prepare end of year tax packet, including property summaries

Maintenance & Curb Appeal
  • Schedule & Facilitate All Required Property Maintenance (property maintenance is of course additional cost)
  • Procuring Vendors and Contractors
  • Manage turn overs and rent ready repairs
  • Complete Periodic Inspections of the Property
  • Landscaping and Yard Serivces (additional cost)
  • Monthly Property Inspection & Report with Photos (additional cost)

Property Management
  • Complete the Lease Process, Lease/Rental Agreement, Addendums, Walkthrough
  • Collection of Rent and/or Late Fees (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, EFT or by Check)
  • Management of Daily Tenant Issues
  • Review Property & Provide Condition Evaluation/Market Rental Value
  • Control All City and County Inquiries
  • Filing and Facilitating Evictions (additional cost my apply)

Our Fees
Our management fee is $85 per month or eight percent (8%) of the collected rental amount, whichever is greater. It's that simple!

Money Back Guarantee
If within the first ninety days of our management contract if you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will return all management fees and forward all records and trust account monies.

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Management Transition
We make every effort to ensure a smooth, seamless transition from the previous management company. Our experience in this complex process will address staffing, financial, insurance, maintenance, purchasing and other important issues.