spring cleaning

Easy Turn Over Touches

spring cleaningUpdating the look of your Chico rental property will not only create a blank canvas that appeals to a wider range of tenants but it will also give you an opportunity to command a higher rent by showing that you take care of your tenants. Some things to consider upgrading:

Minor / Low cost upgrades:

  • Paint rooms, hallways and inside closets with a neutral colour such as beige, cream or light grey to freshen up the space
  • Consider replacing door hardware such as knobs, handles and pulls to create a more modern look
  • Update or add light fixtures
  • Replace locking turn knobs with non-locking passage knobs (to save on rekeying and prevent tenant lock outs). A bolt lock provides all the security needed, so the turn knob is redundant.

Medium cost upgrades:

  • Replace carpeting with hardwood or laminate flooring
  • Upgrade or replace baseboard heaters with new or convection-style models
  • Swap the shower head and fixtures in the tub/shower, bathroom sink faucet as well as kitchen sink faucet
  • Replace or refinish cabinet doors to give a modern look
  • Replace or upgrade fridge, stove/oven to stainless steel models
  • Install radiant flooring in the bathrooms

Now that you’ve gotten your property ready to rent, it’s time to create your listing and start marketing to prospective tenants. Happy renting!