Property Management Gem: Show tenants you care

happy tenantsLearn about your tenants and show them you care. Ask questions about any improvements or events they’d like to see, and conduct surveys. Don’t forget to make it fun. Start a conversation by throwing fun posts into your mix: post local Chico pictures, create an Chico or property event, share local news or local deals. Tenants want a property management company and landlord that makes their lives easier.

Embrace Technology
Putting everything online these days doesn’t cost much and will save time in the long run.
On top of making your tenants’ lives easier, phasing out your office technology of yesteryear puts you ahead of the curve and makes your business run more efficiently.

Encourage renters to write reviews
82% of renters look at reviews, certifications, or awards your property management or Chico multifamily property have received when making a decision on where to live. When renters are looking for their next apartment, they want to know what kind of experience they’ll have living there. Having responsive customer service and an approachable property management team help renters write positive recommendations. This, in turn, encourages prospective renters to rent from you and help apartment hunters find you.

Your Reputation Matters!
Websites for user reviews are accessible, and renters use them when they’re deciding on a place to live. Chico is a pretty small town. Give your image a boost by using the internet to start conversation around your name. Be active in the online rental community by starting a blog, being active on multiple social media sites and review sites like Yelp. Invite renters to leave comments on your social media accounts, and monitor them regularly. This gives previous renters a forum where they can give you their input, and allow you the chance to respond positively.

Maintain a positive image.
It’s worth your time to keep your tenants happy, because the stronger your reputation is, the harder it is to take down. When renters have a great experience renting from you and are happy with the management team, they won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends and family.