Property Management Gem: Tenants Want a Relationship With You


Don’t be the person your renters recognize because you come around once a month to collect rent. Even if there aren’t any problems in your building to take care of, let renters know that you’re there for them. Send them birthday cards, newsletters, or hold events in your rental community.

Part of being a great property management team is being there and interacting with your tenants, even when they don’t need you. Hold events. 77 percent of renters we surveyed would like the property management company to host events to strengthen the residential community. Whether it’s a barbecue in the common area, movie night, or pool party, organizing and hosting events shows tenants you care about their well-being and happiness. It puts you in a casual setting where you can meet your residents, chat informally, and get to know them. Throwing apartment events not only makes your community a fun place to live, but allows you to build a good relationship with your tenants so they’ll see you as someone they can approach when there’s a problem in their unit.

Establish a sense of community with a newsletter
You don’t need to be knocking on doors to let renters know you’re
there. Put together a short newsletter each month with events, maintenance updates, seasonal property care tips, and contact information. Make it fun by including fun facts about the members of your PM team, or highlighting a tenant or one of their pets. Include your social media handles as well so residents can get updates online.

It a simple concept, but harder to implement than you may think. Looking for professional property management help in Chico?