Being a Property Manager/Owner that Renters Like

website featuresBeing a property manager can seem like a thankless job – you seem to be only approached when  there’s a problem to take care of, and you’re responsible for keeping tabs on what seems like a million little things that help your building run smoothly. To better manage your property and have more satisfied residents, it only makes sense to know what renters expect from property

When you know where renters are looking for apartments, how they like to contact you, and when your residents expect maintenance in their units, you’re able to maximize the hours in your day with happier tenants to boot. Instead of guessing how you can cater to residents and potential renters, use our survey results to determine how you can live up to renters’ expectations. In an informal survey, the industry leaders looked into the experiences of a collection of renters currently living in
rentals run by property management companies. Their thoughts and behaviors uncovered valuable information about their preferences that you’ll be able to use to become the property manager that every tenant wants.

Can Renters Find You Easily?
If you’re a property manager, you’re already ahead of the game: 51 percent of the renters we surveyed think properties run by property management companies are better maintained than properties managed by an independent landlord. Knowing this, how can you position yourself so that renters find you during their apartment search?

Keep your website updated with listings. Is your property management’s website up-to-date with the latest listings? Of the renters who use property management websites, 24% use them to search listings.

where to advertise

When you’re building your website, it’s important to keep in mind that a portion of renters using property management websites are not tenants. They’re using your site to help them in their housing search. Cater your site to both tenants and prospective renters. Include information about the surrounding community, units and pricing, photos, layout, services, and amenities. The more resources your website offers, the ‘stickier’ it will be with renters. If you focus on being helpful to renters, leads will follow naturally.

Advertise where renters look
There are lots of sites out there to post your listings, but which ones are most effective? Don’t waste your time or money advertising on sites that won’t give you good results. Categorize where your leads come from to find out which marketing channels are most effective. In the chart on the left, you can see the most popular sites the renters we surveyed use in their apartment search. Focus on the most popular sites to give your listings the best exposure, and then see how much time and budget you have left for the others. Knowing the online marketing channels that give you the best results will help you use your time and resources much more effectively.

You’re not the only property manager out there
Browsing listings helps renters familiarize themselves with the rental market and what they can get for their budget. The average renter looks at 1-19 listings in their apartment search. 30 percent of those renters attend five or more showings before signing a lease. With hundreds of listings being posted on rental search websites each day, it’s easy for your to get lost in the crowd. Get your rental ads to stick out by familiarizing yourself with what renters are looking for.

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