We Are Different

You'll come to appreciate that we aren't your average real estate management business. Our property owners and tenants do business with us because we're different.

Our Mission
We enrich lives by providing tenants with housing they love and owners with a profitable, low stress real estate experience.

"I would recommend you in a heartbeat - you and your staff have been exceptional to work with"
- Kim, Chico Property Owner (Read More)

What makes us different? Our Beliefs and Our Methods make us different. Here's how:

Our Name
What does IPM stand for? Technically, Interchange Property Management (BRE LIC #01859198). But we have created our own defintion:
In Posse Meliora which means in latin, the potential for better things. We feel strongly that there is always room for improvement.

Our Beliefs
  • Abundance - There is plenty, share it and be generous
  • Grace - People deserve what they don't deserve
  • Loyalty - Relationships first, everything else second.
  • Collaboration - We can do more together. There are no competitors.
Our Methods
  • People First - We put people first. We know by automating and reducing our mundane and repetitive tasks we'll have more time for our relationships with our owners and tenants.
  • Strict Scheduling - We time all our properties to have the same cycle (vacancy, and leasing). This means our owners, tenants and staff all know when and what to expect. It also helps us plan ahead well in advance.
  • Take Ownership - We won't manage a property we wouldn't own. This means we focus on properties that we can take pride in and work with owners that feel the same.
  • Relevancy - Our tenants and owners tend to be progressive and smart. So we stay ahead of the curve. Today this means text messages, EFT payments and online lease signing. We aim to be proactive in our technology and to meet our tenants and owners ahead of the trend, not behind it.

What Our Owners Have to Say...
"We are very happy with our current situation. We have had numerous conversations that this time around (renting) it is so much easier! We feel that our property is now an asset as rental property and not a burden. Thank you IPM!"
- Nancy, Chico Property Owner (Read More)

What Our Tenants Have to Say...
" Thank you IPM!! You have made my dream come true. Thank you so much for being a part of it - Thank you for being such a great team to work with."
- Eve, Chico Tenant (Read More)

Our Team

We are deliberately a small but mighty team!

Ryan "Ryno" Vaught ext. 2100
BRE #01444141
Principal Broker/Owner
Ryan oversees all property budgets, cashflow stratgey and property finance. He has a Finance degree and uses this background to maximize your investment income and long term equity. He is a local Chicoan and real estate broker. He has many years experience in property management (CAM cerified) and is an experienced investor and rehabber himself. Questions? Email Ryan
Megan Gonzales ext. 2101
BRE #01996423
Business Manager
Megan has our office running like a finely tuned machine. Megan manages our paperless office files and works hard to make sure every tenant, owner or vendor is handled with care. She is responsible for leasing, marketing, staff engagement and tenant relations.
Athena Hoffman ext. 2105
Maintenance Coordinator
Athena is in charge of the many open maintenance and repair tasks. She makes sure your maintenance issue is dealt with quicky by outside vendors and internal maintenance staff.
Kerri Sanders ext. 2104
Leasing Marketing Coordinator
Kerri is the hard work behind the daily flow of documents and data. She keeps all your applications moving along and makes sure all our documents are organized.
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